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NAFA recognizes that our community is full of organizations and individuals who love and respect the pets of Northeast Arkansas.  Yet, in sky-rocketing numbers, we are receiving calls and emails for help.  Many of those requests for help are from rescues, shelters, law enforcement, animal controls, city and county governmens and individuals. 

Most of us will agree that animal cruelty and neglect are two of the more destructive ills in our community.  They can be linked with sociopathic behavior and reflect a severe lack of moral responsibility or social conscience.  They can be inflicted in a wide variety of ways and can be rooted in a variety of causes.  This behavior gravely infects and poisons our social fabric.  Animal cruelty is sometimes linked with other criminal behavior such as gang activity, drugs, and violent anti-social behavior.  Research has shown that people who behave in cruel or neglectful ways toward animals are more likely to behave similarly towards children, elderly, spouses or other humans because they have a lessened value of life.

  • NAFA hopes that the creation of a Northeast Arkansas “Animal Compassion Task Force” will provide communities with the resources to examine the areas in which animals are mistreated and create a broad reaching group of individuals to: · increase awareness of animal cruelty and neglect and the relationship of animal cruelty/neglect to other forms of crimes· increase understanding of Arkansas Law concerning animal cruelty and neglect· assist communities in the addition of animal related ordinances that are effective and enforceable (eliminating breed ban specifics)· enhance, coordinate and pursue the investigation, assistance, enforcement and/or prosecution of animal cruelty and neglect cases· educated the public in helping to prevent animal cruelty/neglect and other forms of violence· establish procedures and support for cities, law enforcement, animal control departments, any interested agencies and the general public in requesting assistance when animal cruelty or neglect is suspected· provide a variety of programs to help individuals with animals to both keep and care for the animals that have become a part of their families· establish a wide spread plan for animal rescue and care during and in the aftermath of any disaster· complete the construction and furnishing of a low cost spay/neuter unit to facility inexpensive altering of animals … the only means to stop animal overpopulation and the euthanasia of unwanted strays – all TASK FORCE groups will have full use of facility.


  • Animal Cruelty
  • Animal Overpopulation
  • Legislation Changes
  • Low Cost Services
  • Increasing Animal Abandonment
  • Food Assistance
  • Working together


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