Memorials and Honorariums

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Our world is filled with those who love animals and the animals that we love.  Unfortunately the lives of some of them area cut short.  This page is designed to allow those who have lost a pet or those of have lost a loved one to leave a memorial or an honorarium for someone who is an animal angel/advocate. 

If you would like to list a memorial to a person or pet, please email [email protected] and send us your information and a photo.  We will post it here at no charge.  Post remain up for 14 days.

Creator of life and light,

We prise thee this day for the beauty of thy world,
for sunshine and flowers,
storm-cloud and starry night,
for the radiance of dawn and the last smouldering calm of the sunset.

We thank thee for physical joys,
for the ecsatcy of swift motion,for deep water to swim in,
For the goodly smell of rain on dry ground,
for hills to climb and hard work to do,
for all the skill of hand and eye,
for music that lifts our hearts in one breath to heaven,
for the grasp of a friend,
for the gracious loveliness of children,

for the gentle petting, wet noses, soft paws and beautiful dark eyes of our furry friends,

for all these we thank thee our Lord and God.

If you would like to leave a special message about your loved one, two or four-legged, please email

[email protected]

and send the information.  You may also send a photo to be posted.  All memorials and honorariums remain on the page for 10 – 15 days.  All donations are tax-deductible and should be sent to P. O. Box 10075, Jonesboro, AR  72403.