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Each day early a dozen pets are lost and found in the Northeast Arkansas Area.  NAFA wants to help.  Anyone missing a pet or anyone who has found a pet, can email [email protected] with their information and we will post this to our lost and found page.  If you have a picture of the pet, please send it as an attachment. 

When you email a lost pet, be sure to describe it in approximate weight, type of animal, breed, sex, has it been fixed, are there any distingishing marks.  Also, please include the area where the animal was lost.  Please do not post the animals name as this might help unscrupulous individuals who have stolen pets.

When you email about a found pet, be sure to describe it in approximate weight, type of animal, breed, sex,  are there any distingishing marks.  Also, please indicate  the area where the animal was found.  Please leave some special detail out – like collar color, if it has been fixed, etc., so that individuals must give you a specific before you know it is their pet.

If you need additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to email our director, Wannda Turner at [email protected].

If you have Facebook you can list the lost or found pet on Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network: http://www.facebook.com/alfpetnetwork

It can happen to anyone’s pet.

Even the most responsible pet guardians experience circumstances that cause pets to become accidentally lost. Inside dogs and cats bolt out of doors; gates of doors are accidentally left open; noises and smells can cause pets to jump or dig of fences. There are a thousand ways a pet can become separated from its family, and it can happen to anyone.

If you loose your pet, download this pdf with tips from NAFA.

“Finding a Lost Pet”

Please, don’t let your dog or cat be counted among the strays that don’t ever find their way home. Take advantage of NAFA’s FREE “Reward” ID tagfor your pet today and keep it on at all times.  We keep a database of all ID tags, including picture.  Remember to update it if you move or change your phone number.   Or check with your vet’s office or Petco and purchase an ID tag for your dog.  The more tags we can get on pets, the more space we can free up at animal shelters for the truly homeless animals.

Please make sure your pet has an ID tag on at all times. Your pet’s life, and your peace of mind could depend on it.