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 NAFA began as the Northeast Arkansas Chapter of Arkansans for Animals with a bang in the early 1990’s.  At that time, four courageous women, all in their late 50’s and 60’s, were responsible for the rescue of 161 dogs from a puppy mill in Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.  For nearly two years, those dogs and puppies were cared for by AFA volunteers, lead by Skipper Gary and Janie Caruthers, while the courts battled out the disposition of the puppy mill.  In the end, all the dogs were placed in loving homes and their nightmare of neglect, starvation and abuse ended.  Throughout the ordeal, the volunteers worked tirelessly without pay or praise.  Every cent donated was used for the direct care – food, shelter and medical care – of the dogs.

     It is with that spirit that the volunteers of NAFA continue in the footstepts of those two outstanding women.

     NAFA is a 501(c)3 non profit entity of its own.

     In the past 11 years NAFA has been responsible for and assisted with the rescue of thousands of dogs and cats from puppy mills, catteries, class B dealers, backyard breeders, pet stores and individuals.

     NAFA has no shelter.  All animals are kept in foster homes to help promote mental and physical health.  Volunteers give their time, supplies and love, but receive no monetary compensation.  All donations are used for the direct care of the animals.

     If you would like to see a complete list of NAFA programs, downlad the attached pdf brochure.    NAFA PROGRAMS


  • Mautaun Shephard Puppy Mill
  • Middleton Missouri Puppy Mill
  • Clay County Puppy Mill
  • Hillbilly Auction
  • Jonesboro Persian Cattery
  • PetPalace Pet Store – Farville
  • B & B Pet Store
  • Puppies R Us
  • Best Pets
  • Doolittle Pets
  • C.C.Baird – Martin Creek Kennels – Class B Dealer
  • Reynolds Hoarding


NAFA supporters and volunteers continue to spend evenings and nights remodeling NAFA’s Animal Services Building.  We have made great strides on setting up our emergency/interim cages and kennels for dogs.  We also have been able to create a small area for dogs at our facility to run outside, which includes a shaded/covered patio area. 

We still have a considerable amount of plumbing and electrtical work to be done, as well as fence work, to complete our very large outdoor play area.

Within the next few weeks we will move our 40 foot “A.R.K.” which is being converted into a low cost spay/neuter unit to this location.